Simple and Easy to Use – Seals Plastic Bag and Will Do Anything Else

By now, most of us are familiar with the many uses of the Commercial Bag Sealer. This product is used for many reasons, ranging from cookie packaging to chocolate shipping and storage. In our household, we have bought the sealer for everything from simple trash bags to storage containers, and even packaging for heavy and fragile equipment.

In the past few years, easy to use sealers have become more popular, and for good reason. After seeing all the uses we had been putting to it, we started looking for a better alternative.

Large storage bins that fit neatly into the garage? Smaller trash bags? Chocolate boxes? Here comes the Sealer:

Our family had been using plastic bags to contain delicate items such as collectible figurines and candy, when one day, we realized that the plastic bags were becoming too weak and brittle to use any longer. The plastic had begun to melt on the surface and when we shook the container, we could feel small pieces of plastic all over the garage floor. We did some research, researched some more, and now we have found a bag sealer to help us solve our problem.

Plastic Wrap – We love our plastic garbage bags, but there was something about the plastic of our old plastic bags that just didn’t quite seem right anymore. So we started looking for a solution to this problem.

Easy to Use – It all starts with easy to use, two parts, water based Sealer. Sealer looks and feels like an ordinary plastic bag, but it seals the edges for extra strong insulation and stays in place for days at a time.

Seals the Foil – No more melted plastic foil on the garage floor. When a Sealer is used with the use of foil, the plastic does not shrink while sealing the edges.

Quick – Quick seals the foil and wraps the plastic while still inside the sealer and sealing the edge. This means it is as effective as a sealer but it takes less time to seal and it is easier to clean.

Food-Safe – With the technology used in the Sealer, it can seal up to two times its original size. That means that you can seal out up to four times the plastic garbage bag, or just make a larger bag.

Easy to Use – You don’t have to be a carpenter to use this product. These products are available in several sizes and in the color you want. We chose bright colors to make our kitchen look brighter.

Easy to Use – The Sealer is easy to use and simple to follow. For those who need assistance, we included a set of instructions, a thorough tutorial video and a printing coupon for a free bag with your purchase.